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How long does it take to arrange an internship?

Our programs are customized to the student's needs. Arranging internship until signing the internship agreement takes us around 4 weeks upon a successful completion of the registration.


What visa am I eligible for?

For an internship shorter than 6 months a single entry 211 visa is valid for a stay longer than 6 months up to 1 year a multiple business visa 212. For a stay shorter than 6 months extensions need to be executed. Our visa consultants can assist you with this.


How long does it take before I get the visa?

This depends on your embassy, Arranging the sponsorship including the visa process in your country can take up to one month.


Can guarantee me an internship? has a placement success rate of 95%. 


How will I get to my internship every day?

Students normally make use of a motorcyle in Bali to get around or go to their internship placement, we assist students with renting a motorcyle. For Jakarta we always recommend the Transjakarta busway, taxi or ojek (motorcyle taxi)


Is the accommodation shared with more students?

We carefully select the accommodation near your internship place and in an area with many facilities. The accommodations we have are shared with other students.

Not a single student will never feel alone in Indonesia!


What if I am not satisfied during the internship you offered me?

It hardly happens, but in case your expectations are not met, our consultants can assist you with finding a new placement at an additional rate.


Are internship programs paid?

Paid Internships are against the Indonesian immmigration and labor  law No. 13/2003. An intern or host company who breaches this regulation risks a penalty up to 50,000 USD for the host company and an immediate deportation of the intern. if the local autorities find out there is a salary/allowance involved. A lunch and tranport service can be provided.


What are the costs of living in Indonesia?

Indonesia is an emerging country, prices are considerbly cheap comparing to surrounding countries. To give an impression, a regular meal is already available for 1-2 USD, a short taxi ride of a couple miles is not more than a couple dollars. 

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