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Position:     Consultant
Company:   Property Firm (International group)
Activities:   Learn how to close a deal, learn to list, source valuable sites and properties. Learn to promote how to contribute in marketing & sales
Starting date: All year round
Position:     Architect
Company:   French Architect company 
Activities:   Assist with drawing the sketch of villas located in villas. Advice about efficient green measurements to reduce waste, water consumption and the use of solar.
Starting date: All year round
Position: Consultant
Company:   Local Real Estate agent
Activities:   Assist and Promote properties for rent and sale on Bali and Lombok.
Starting date:  All year round
Position:      Property and Marketing Consultant
Company:    Real Estate agent (International Group)
Activities:    Help to assist selling properties to European clients.
Starting date:  All year round
Position:     Architect
Company:    Prominent Indonesian Architect company
Activities:    Assist with design and drafting with international hotel group 
Starting date:   All year round



Company:    Villa Management Company

Place:           Seminyak

Activities:     Making Marketing activities

Start date:    All year round



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